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    range of products combines TRULY CLEAN with TRULY SAFE.

ECOLOGICAL product which protects you, your ship and your environment.
NavyClean is an all purpose cleaning product which can substitute all your other cleaners.
It can also be diluted with sea water!

Universal ecological nontoxic Swissmade cleaner for inner and outer motor vehicle, bycicle and camp trailor cleaning and hygiene maintenance. CARclean can be used for engine washing or submersion of engine parts. Produces no unpleasant scents or harmful fumes.



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SWISS CLEAN Rapid Clean is an ecological nontoxic pocket-sized stain remover. Produced without the use of harsh chlorine, toxic butyl or acids, it is also odor free. With its handy pocket-sized pack SWISS CLEAN Rapid Clean can instantly come to your aid in many situations.

SWISS CLEAN eCLEAN is ideal for spotless cleaning of your PC & equipment without the risk of harming even the most delicate surfaces, making it completely safe for screens, CDs and displays. Comes with antistatic and antifog properties, leaving your PC fog & dust free for up to 5 days.

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Ecological = Green = Environmentally and Human Friendly
The general idea of green or ecological cleaning means using products that are better for you and the environment.  But which qualities make a product “good” for you or the environment?


Biodegradation is the chemical breakdown of materials by a physiological environment. A biodegradable product is one which consists of biodegradable matter and hence possesses the quality to degrade itself. Sometimes products that contain both biodegradable and non-biodegradable matter are marketed as biodegradable. All products from the SWISS CLEAN Family are 99.98% biodegradable.


Ever read the warning label on your cleaning product and got scared thinking what it might do to you? SWISS CLEAN is a product developed without harsh chlorine, acids or toxic butyls which abrade surfaces and harm the skin. Instead, our technology combines enzymes (biological proteins that speed the breakdown of soils) with solvents (organics that dissolve soils). Even in the case of ingesting SWISS CLEAN, our only recommendation to you is to drink a large glass of water!
Neutral Scent = Odor Free
With SWISS CLEAN you can forget about inhaling all those chemicals. Most fragrances added to cleaning liquids are harmful for you and your environment. SWISS CLEAN has a neutral scent and does not intrude on your living and breathing space.   

The biggest misconception is that ecological cleaners won’t clean as well as other chemical products. This is NOT TRUE. Producing and packaging a useless cleaning product is a waste of time and energy, and this is not our mission. Green must also mean “effective” and this is a prerogative at SwissCleanCompany. Before commercial products are released to the public, the final cleaning products are tested extensively not only for safety and their impact on the environment, but for their performance as well. SWISS CLEAN products will help you and your family and/or employees stay healthy and save money, while effectively providing a cleaning solution to suit your needs.

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