SWISSCLEANCOMPANY D.O.O. is a company dedicated to the application of new technologies and standards in the domain of hygiene maintenance and cleaning, ranging from food industries to modern households. SWISSCLEANCOMPANY D.O.O. is the distributor of SWISS CLEAN: unique, non-toxic cleaning agent on our market.

The company was founded in 2008 and since the very beginning we have been striving to place the satisfaction and health safety of our ultimate consumers as our main imperative.

We proudly announce that we have been manufacturing all of our products in Serbia since 2010, according to a Swiss formula and in compliance with the highest regulations.

Given that our best selling product is applicable to all types of surfaces, it is widely used from auto-mechanic shops to food industries.

The number of our clients is on a continual rise, which drives us to sustain quality, because we know that only a satisfied client can guarantee success.

Following the words of Arthur Schopenhauer, “The greatest of follies is to sacrifice health for any other kind of happiness, whatever it may be, for gain, advancement, learning or fame, let alone, then, for fleeting sensual pleasures. Everything else should rather be postponed to it,” so do we have but one goal: CARE FOR HEALTH AND NATURE.

The major false impression is that ecological and non-toxic cleaning agents are not efficient or not cost-effective enough. Therefore feel free to contact us and we will come and visit you, entirely free of charge, and gladly demonstrate the power our products have in battling filth, show you with a simple calculation the amount of money you could save by transferring to our products and welcome you to the SWISSCLEAN family.

A part of nature, for nature, for You,